Venus After Tiziano with Kitty Chanel

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Artist: Tomoko Nagao Width: 120 cm
Support: Canvas Height: 90 cm
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The subject of the work of Tomoko is born from the revisiting of the icon of sensual female represented from the Venus of Urbino of the great teacher of the color Tiziano. Tomoko Nagao realizes a version on oil on canvas, with the magistral layout of levels of colors in superflat technique, typical of the artist, and a version with spray and stencil on canvas or on the walls of the city according to the mood of the street art. The work is also inspired by the charmant Olympia, work of Manet preserved to the Musée of Orsay in Paris that since its first exposure in public it made scandal for the nudity of the subject and because Manet uses as the famous Victorine Meurent as model. To suggest that the woman withdrawn by Manet was a prostitute are some of her ornaments that Tomoko individualizes and reinterprets in kawaii key: the orchid among the hair; the bracelet and the earrings of pearls; the black ribbon that encircles her the neck, that is suggested with a restyling in modern way using the accessories of the luxury brand Chanel. There is also the "pet", the company little animal so much of fashion today and made up by Hello Kitty. The nickname Olympia, besides, was largely used by the prostitutes of that years. 










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