Napoleon Bonaparte with Godzilla (big)

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Artist: Tomoko Nagao Width: 100 cm
Support: Paper Height: 70 cm
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This work is inspired by the masterpiece by Jacques-Louis David "Napoleon at the Saint-Bernard Pass" or "Napoleon crossing the Alps" (1801), demonstrates e declares all the admiration of David for Napoleon, for Tomoko the admiration is for french brands which have enchanted whole generations of Japanese people, girls above all, who aim to have a LV bag as a priority. A Fukushima nuclear reactor is also represented, as a warning of a disaster coming, considering the great amount of nuclear energy produced by France. Nowadays Godzilla's bridles are Louis Vuitton, with Napoleon conquering Tokyo. There's also the famous "Tokyo Tower", symbol of the megalopolis evidently copied by the Tour Eiffel. An impossible scene because Napoleon would never travel to Tokyo but made actual thanks to the commercial conquering of Japan by french brands. So Napoleon finds himself in Shibuya, new place for worldwide tourism and pulsing center of the most consumerism Tokyo instead of the Alps. The white horse of Napoleon is Godzilla, character taken from the first Seventies version in a perfect "Tokusatsu" style (animated puppets sometimes by an actor) which were the main characters of the great TV shows with Japanese monsters before the anime.










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