The World

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Artist: Yonah Width: 19 cm
Support: Paper Height: 38 cm
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The World tarot speaks through symbols: from top to bottom there is an inscription in ancient greek Aion, one of the ancient gods of the time (along with Kronos). He represented the time that unites all times, with a snake encircling him. The snake is the uroburo, in this case in the appereance of a dragon. The animal chasing its tail and symbolizes precisely the cyclical nature of things, the eternal return. At the center of the paper an armillary sphere with its seven circles (as many celestial spheres), and the female body. The sexual organ framed by the triangle symbol, the oldest symbol yet recognized, and representative of the womb of the Mother Goddess. On the top Aion and down the Goddess, the dualism between sky and earth which is the basis of the conception of the world, as the ancient religions tell us.






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