Flowers - Yellow/Red On Blue 11.71

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Artist: Warhol Andy Width: 91 cm
Support: Paper Height: 91 cm
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Colored screen print edited by Sunday B. Morning printed with high quality inks after Andy Warhol's passing and given with the certificate of authenticity of the editor. The Flowers are part of the group of works which come from the famous Factory and are the result of a process which mixes photography, screen print and painting made by different hands. Warhol changed the concept of the unique piece by creating repeated art works. Starting from a photo depicting hibiscus flowers, published in the magazine "Modern Photography" in 1964, the artist rads the image back and repeats it several times (more than 900 copies) until it becomes graphic and decorative. The flowers here exposed are made using different color compositions and can also be interpreted as Warhol's research for how our visual perception is altered by chromatic variations.










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