Romero Britto

Romero Britto "Art of Happiness". Discover Romero Britto Artist with his Famous Pop Artworks, Colourful and Joyful. Find out Romero Britto Original Art for Sale

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Romero Britto

Romero Britto : Art of Happiness

Romero Britto was born on October 6, 1963 in Recife, Brazil. Moved to Miami, he began his artistic career alongside the street artists, taking inspiration from their forms and techniques, to give life to his first masterpieces, made on newspaper cuttings and pieces of cardboard. But it is with his trip to Paris that this great artist, known internationally today, begins to identify himself with his own style, personal and unmistakable.

The meeting with the works of masters such as Henri Matisse and, in particular, Pablo Picasso, allowed the young bribe to begin to personalize his technique, which the New York Times has defined as a source of warmth, optimism and love.

His works, in fact, are characterized by a sophistication of colors and positive vibrations, which, together, give life to bold motifs and, why not, even a little 'imaginative.

Puppies of animals, couples of lovers, colorful hearts, floral landscapes, but also objects of daily use, such as fruits and glasses of Martini, are joined to abstract subjects, realizing works characterized by a power of color that exudes positivity and optimism from any perspective you observe them.

 For the creation of his works, the artist uses the most varied supports, passing from the murals to the canvases, whose subjects are reproduced in series and in unique specimens, up to the metal sculptures, small to medium and large.

Romero Britto's works, for their seductive fantasy and joy, are commissioned by the most famous personality of the show-business, as they are required for the sponsorship of some of the largest companies in the world, such as BMW, AUDI, COCA-COLA, DISNEY, VODKA and many others.

His works celebrate life through an expression of colors and hearts in a very Pop style.

Thanks to the Absolut Vodka brand, Britto has been established on the international art scene since 1989, when it was commissioned to design the Vodka bottle label for an advertising campaign. Immediately after the campaign for Absolut, the colorful style of Romero Britto began to be required by the largest companies to make murals, sculptures and logos of products around the world.

Currently he still collaborates with big companies and famous brands such as Disney.

The art of Romero britto, however, is not limited only to painting on canvas, sculptures and logos, but extends up to the design of furniture and costumes, thus appearing in numerous publications around the world.
Britto, with his works of art with an unmistakable style, represents a strong point of contemporary art, known and appreciated all over the world.

Romero Britto Art Works of art: Unique Pieces, paintings by Britto

The unique pieces of bribe are works made in a single example, hand painted by the artist and hand signed. Just for the subjects he represents, the paintings of Romero Britto convey a happy and carefree vision of the world!

Works in series, digital serigraphs by Romero Britto Artist

The series works by Romero Britto are digital serigraphs on which the artist intervenes directly adding glitter, all signed and numbered in original.Compared to unique pieces, digital serigraphs have lower prices because they are reproduced in several copies.

Works Romero Britto: Original Art For Sale on deodato Arte

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