Keith Haring

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Keith Haring: Pop Art Artist

Keith Haring Artist

Keith Haring was born in Pennsylvania in 1958.

He approached the art world at a very young age, also thanks to the influence of his father, a cartoonist.

He moved to New York in order to study visual art, and began to be known because of his murals on the walls of the New York’s subway.

Quickly, his simple and recognizable style made his way in the popular imagination.

The thick contour lines that outline bright coloured stick-figures, become the essential and almost primitive characters we are so fond about, which, with all their simplicity try to survive to the frenzied contemporary big city.

In the fervent artistic climate of the Eighties, the transition from unknown street artists of the New York City Walls to international recognition is short.

Haring began working in many cities around the world, in America, in Europe and also in Australia.

In 1986 he was commissioned a 300 meters mural to the Berlin Wall that symbolized the union between East Germany and West Germany, a beautiful example of how art can be an expression of freedom against obstacles.

In Italy we have a beautiful piece of its public art still well preserved on an outside wall of the Sant'Antonio Church in Pisa.

Haring's extraordinary intuition was to open a store in Soho, Pop Shop, to sell all kind of gadgets and T-shirts with his iconic figurines, as well as reproductions of his works.

With his shop Haring wanted to make his art economically accessible to everyone, as it was visually to any passer-by in all the streets and cities of the world.

What mattered most to Keith Haring was to make his art accessible economically as it was visually accessible to any passer-by in all the streets and cities of the world.

Unfortunately, his career was short because the artist fell ill with HIV and died in 1990.