Trampled Art

Trampled Art is the new artistic project by Alessandro Giorgetti, thought as a movement of provocation toward the art market. As many times in Giorgetti’s career, internet and the social networks were used to develop and divulge an artistic project that involves as many people possible. This time the artist refers to his collegues, explaining their pain and discomfort, as conditions that often they live as the normal state of their professional life. .

The critic to the art system is a subject that has been discussed a lot of times, also after the great economic bubble of the art market that in 2009 made see the most spectacular prices just to crack few months later, draging the all system. Once The Artist came out from his Ivory tower and gave up to his title of genious, the contemporary art has lived some difficult moments with an identity crisis, that anyway often gave the sap to the art itself. In this moment does the artist look for his role and his definition by himself or just relying on the art system? Giorgetti hopes for a corageous stance of his category, claiming the need of a changing from all the professionists of the art world.Art trampled by cars, suvs, bicycles and shoes, becomes symbol of a behavior that the artists undergo, and that has its guilty party in some interests and meanness of a certain part of critics, gallerists, and art professionists. The support in jute and the simple but brighfull colors, represent the positive part of the artistic creation as a reflexion of the moment where the artist is free express himself. Then, on this canvas, Giorgetti intervenes with marks of wheels and mud colored spots; The last action on the painting are these white scrawls that seem like a desperate and nevrotic surge of the artist himself, as a response to the violence demonstrated for his art.